The Leijen

Tytsjerksteradiel - Friesland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 115089

Provided by: Groots Genieten

9946 104
16.60 km
292 kcal
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The Leijen, which is written in Frisian as 'De Leien', is a lake that lies between the Oostermeer (Eastermar) and Opeinde (De Pein). The lake was not created in a natural way, but through peat extraction. In many places the lake is therefore shallow. Many special bird colonies liked to nest around the lake, but because tourism and recreational use is increasing, the peace of the animals is disturbed. Instead, there is more shipping traffic and people visit the landscaped beach on the east side of the lake. A catering facility is also located here, which promotes pleasant recreation and water sports. You also cycle through the town of Rottevalle, with a small community of less than 2000 inhabitants. The small village was named 'model village' of regional improvement programs in 1953. The entire village served as an exhibition in which modern agricultural developments were central. Rottevalle is also mentioned in that capacity in the Canon of Friesland.

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