Round Hoeksche Waard and Numansdorp

Cycling in Hoeksche Waard, South Holland, The Netherlands

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49.8 km
02:55 h
878 kcal
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Your cycling route leads you through the region around Numansdorp, in the middle of the sea clay landscape, just above the Hollands Diep. This is the Hoeksche Waard, an island located near Rotterdam. Here you cycle about fifty kilometers through the polders of South Holland. You start at the Binnenbedijkte Maas. This lake is a dammed up branch of the Maas in the Hoeksche Waard. The route starts well at the Hoeksche Zuivel with a real farmer's ice cream. You then cycle past two beautiful windmills. The first is the Antonymolen, the second De Hoop. It is nice to pedal in this rural environment. Along the way, you can fully enjoy the bird life before arriving in Numansdorp. Via Klaaswaal the route leads you to Oud-Beijerland and Mijnsheerenland back to your starting point.
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# Description Distance
Hoeksche Zuivel (3299 LT, Hoeksche Waard, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Antonymolen (Vlasoever, 3299LZ, Binnenmaas, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 2.54 km
De Hoop (Polderdijk, 3299BG, Binnenmaas, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 3.60 km
30 (Hoekseweg, 3291CE, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 5.05 km
37 (Noord Kavelsedijk, 3291LW, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 10.28 km
29 (Schenkeldijk, 3291ED, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 13.55 km

Place name directory

  • Hoeksche Waard, South Holland
  • Binnenmaas, Zuid-Holland
  • Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland
  • Numansdorp, Zuid-Holland
  • Zinkweg, Zuid-Holland
  • Zwanegat, Zuid-Holland
  • Maasdam, Zuid-Holland
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