Napoleon route Den Helder

Cycling in Den Helder, North Holland, The Netherlands

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928 20
16.9 km
00:59 h
298 kcal
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With the sea on three sides, Den Helder has a unique location. In 1811 Napoleon saw this place along the coast as the"Gibraltar of the North\\\" and stationed the naval fleet there.
For the defense of the war port, Napoleon had a number of forts built: Fort Kijkduin, Fort Erfprins, Fort Dirksz Admiraal and Fort Oostoever. These forts were later connected by a line dike, together they form the Defense Line of Den Helder.
Walk in the footsteps of Napoleon and get to know the military insight of one of the greatest strategists that Europe has produced. Noordhollands Dagblad, Region VVV Kop van Noord-Holland and Zeestad CV/BV have plotted a walking route of approximately 11 km over the historic defense works:'t Ommetje Den Helder.
Along the lushly overgrown route you will discover various buildings from the time of Napoleon, Dutch defenses, but also many German bunkers from the Second World War. This hiking brochure is the signpost for you. In addition to the step-by-step explanation of the route to be followed, with a clear map on the middle page, you will receive interesting historical'facts\\\'.'t Ommetje is marked with wooden posts, on which Napoleon's imperial arm indicates the direction to follow; when numbered on the map, this booklet provides information about the places of interest.

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# Description Distance
Den Helder, North Holland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
20 (1782MH, Den Helder, North Holland, The Netherlands) 5.80 km
20 (1782MH, Den Helder, North Holland, The Netherlands) 7.11 km
Den Helder, North Holland, The Netherlands 16.91 km

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