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Eersel, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Eersel Remembers:'War monuments\\\' in the municipality of Eersel

This bicycle tour was made in commemoration of the liberation of Eersel in WWII on September 19, 1944.
The route connects the six church villages: Eersel, Duizel, Vessem, Wintelre, Knegsel and Steensel.
The route is ridden with the cycling junction network and starts in Eersel at junction 64. (You can actually start from any junction)
In each of the six church villages there are one or more war monuments/memories. See the photos and description below. You can view these if you wish. Sometimes you have to leave the route for a while. The street names are listed in the description. These can also be found via Google Maps.
Further information, photos, descriptions  about Eersel Remembers and film by the Hoeks brothers can be found on


Peace Monument Poeliejoe Park. ( not on route)
Created by Marja van Riel and unveiled in 2001.
The peace monument is a bronze statue of a dove on a rock. There are three plaques on the pedestal. This contains the names of soldiers in the service of the Kingdom of the Netherlands after 1945, civilian victims of Eersel residents and places where they died in wartime.
Maria chapel on the Dijk 
(Student chapel and memorial stone Gebr. Hoeks)
Designer Ir. Jos Bedaux. Unveiled 1940.
On the wall in the chapel are two natural stone memorial plaques, which were installed after WWII. Including in memory of the Hoeks brothers. 
St. Joseph Eikenburg. (not on route)
Created by H. Meertens.
The statue originally stood at the monastery in Eersel, where the town hall now stands.
The monument was erected in gratitude for the help that the residents of Eersel provided to Jewish children, evacuees and refugees in Eersel during the Second World War.
Tableau Beekvliet at the Eikenburg (not on route)
Design: Albert Meertens. Unveiled 1945.
The monument in Eersel consists of a tile tableau showing a group of students leaving a church guarded by soldiers. They are protected by the guardian angel and greeted by a figure of Mary. This tableau was donated by the minor seminary'Beekvliet\\\' in Sint-Michielsgestel as a thank you for their stay in Eersel during the Second World War. The minor seminary was then used as the St. Michielsgestel hostage camp.
Chapel Market
One of the stained glass windows depicts the liberation by the Welsh Division and the Hoeks brothers and Joseph Schulte.

Sgt. Arthur Fraserpad .
The name of this cycle path is taken from the British sergeant Arthur Fräser. He died one day after the liberation on September 20, 1944, when a German hand grenade exploded. Together with 31 fallen British comrades, his name appears on the shield mounted in the Lady Chapel. The number of British soldiers killed is so large because a British emergency hospital was located in the Groenstraat after the liberation. These British soldiers still lost their lives here. The nameplate with
'Sgt. Arthur Fraserpad\\\' was unveiled on September 20, 2018 by his daughter Hazel.
Lady Chapel  Groenstraat 37 a
This heptagonal chapel was designed by the architectural firm Tooten & van Ginderen and built in 1950 out of gratitude for the fact that Duizel was spared during the Second World War.


Hotel Steensel; Eindhovenseweg. (not on route).
This used to be called Café De Ster (white building along the service road). The resistance met here during WWII. A place to sleep was also arranged here for hundreds of people in hiding.
Joseph Schulteweg (not on the route)
Named after the Steensel soldier and partisan who died in Best in 1944. His actions are depicted in a stained glass window in the chapel on the Eerselse market.
At the Lucia Tower (church) (not on the route)
Memorial unveiled on September 19, 2019. For all fallen in wars and peace missions and special liberators of Steensel on 19-9-1944 Welsh Division.


Lancaster Monument. (Hoek Meerven/Stroomkesberg) (not on route)
Design: Ad van Zantvoort, Bart Beekx, Kees Huijbers
Unveiled 2018
On the night of Monday 22 to Tuesday 23 May 1944, a British Lancaster bomber was shot down over Vessem.
The Lancaster monument consists of a large boulder with a Corten steel plate on which 8 crew members are depicted. These silhouettettes represent the survivors of the crash. An information board made of Corten steel has been placed next to the monument with a silhouette of a Lancaster bomber.
The monument was unveiled on September 29, 2018. Ernest Holmes, the now 97-year-old pilot of the Lancaster bomber involved, and his son David Holm were present at the ceremony.
Cemetery (not on the route)
Here are commonwealth war graves. Grave of Fred Hallan and Billy Barlow. Two English soldiers who died on the day of the liberation of Vessem (21 September 1944). The two soldiers Willy Barlow and Fred Hallam were accidentally killed by fire from friendly troops.


War memorial corner van der Heijdenstraat-Willibrordusstraat
Memorial 1940-1945.
Leo van der Sangen (design), Dirk Oosterbosch (execution)
The reason for its establishment was the 50th commemoration of the outbreak of the war.
Liberation Stone 1945 Corner Willibrordusstraat-Kerkstraat
The memorial stone is a gift from the evacuees from Elst, as a thank you for their stay in Wintelre between November 1944 and May 1945.
Unveiled in 1981.
Maria Kapelletje Groenstraat (next to no. 10a. not on route)
The monument was built in 1943 by members of the Brabant Student Guild as a reminder of the occupation.


Mariakapel Het Groen (not on route)
Intersection Eerselseweg-Vessemseweg.
Design and implementation CA de Bever and contractor Joseph van de Ven from Knegsel
The chapel was built in gratitude for the protection during the war and for the liberation. It was consecrated in 1947.
Little Antwerp (The green)
Café Klein Antwerpen was a pleasant meeting place for workers who were employed at the airport during the occupation.
When the weather was rainy, those employed sought refuge in the cafés of Knegsel. Records were played on a pick-up and people danced to that music, but that was all there was to it. This gave Knegsel the reputation of being very pleasant. From villages far and wide, people came to Knegsel at the weekend, where it became increasingly busy."so busy and so cozy, it seems like small Antwerp\\\" they said.
The café has been closed since early 2019.
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# Description Distance
64 (Markt, 5521AK, Eersel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
10 (5525AL, Eersel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.44 km
10 (Smitseind, 5525AN, Eersel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.52 km
85 (5525KN, Eersel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.02 km
84 (5528NL, Bladel, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 4.66 km
83 (North Brabant, The Netherlands) 5.80 km


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