Denmark: The West Coast Route

Cycling in Skagen, North Denmark Region, Denmark

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559.9 km
32:55 h
9870 kcal
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The West Coast Route: Cycle along the coastal strip of the North Sea
Follow the 560 km national route of the west coast of Jutland that runs from Rubøl in the south to Skagen in the north. No other national route in Denmark is so full of contrasts as the West Coast Route. In the south you will find the rich flat march landscape and in the north the dunes. About 70% of the route is on asphalt, but there are also long stretches of sand and gravel.

Along this route there are also 16 panoramic cycling routes that allow you to discover perhaps the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. These routes vary in length from 18 to 50 km and are very suitable as a day trip. The routes all have their own theme, ranging from nature to cultural-historical sights.

A holiday in Denmark means enjoying the local opportunities. Leave the car and explore the area by bicycle. You can of course take bicycles with you from home or rent them on the spot. Often nice trips have been mapped out and you only have to follow the directions, but you can also go on an adventure yourself and see where you end up.

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# Description Distance
Fyrvej, 9990, Skagen, North Denmark Region, Denmark 0.00 km
6280, Højer, Zuid-Denemarken, Denemarken 559.86 km

Place name directory

  • Skagen, North Denmark Region
  • Skagen, Noord-Jutland
  • Højen Fyr, Noord-Jutland
  • Klarup, Noord-Jutland
  • Rannerød, Noord-Jutland
  • Lodskovvad, Noord-Jutland
  • Skiveren, Noord-Jutland
  • Tversted, Noord-Jutland
  • Hirtshals, Noord-Jutland
  • Krage, Noord-Jutland
  • Bakken, Noord-Jutland
  • Klithuse, Noord-Jutland
  • Hvorup Klit, Noord-Jutland
  • Munkens Klit, Noord-Jutland
  • Rødhus, Noord-Jutland
  • Krogen, Noord-Jutland
  • Slettestrand, Noord-Jutland
  • Svinkløv, Noord-Jutland
  • Thorup Strand, Noord-Jutland
  • Lild Strand, Noord-Jutland
  • Bjerget, Noord-Jutland
  • Hjardemål Klit, Noord-Jutland
  • Vigsø, Noord-Jutland
  • Hanstholm, Noord-Jutland
  • Klitmøller, Noord-Jutland
  • Vangså, Noord-Jutland
  • Nørre Vorupør, Noord-Jutland
  • Stenbjerg, Noord-Jutland
  • Vittrup, Noord-Jutland
  • Ørum, Noord-Jutland
  • Lodbjerg, Noord-Jutland
  • Agger, Noord-Jutland
  • Aggervej, Noord-Jutland
  • Thyborøn, Midden-Jutland
  • Langerhuse, Midden-Jutland
  • Vrist, Midden-Jutland
  • Midden-Jutland
  • Kåsgårdvej, Midden-Jutland
  • Dybe, Midden-Jutland
  • Torsmindevej, Midden-Jutland
  • Fjand, Midden-Jutland
  • Husby, Midden-Jutland
  • Lodbjerg Hede, Midden-Jutland
  • Søndervig, Midden-Jutland
  • Stormodden, Midden-Jutland
  • Stormodden, Region Midtjylland
  • Hvide Sande, Midden-Jutland
  • Haurvig, Midden-Jutland
  • Lønnestak, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Houstrup, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Henne Kirkeby, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Kærgård, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Vejers Strand, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Hesselmed, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Markskel, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Tarp, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Sjelborg, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Esbjerg, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Ribe, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Vester Vedsted, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Gammel Hviding, Zuid-Denemarken
  • Højer, Zuid-Denemarken
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