Walking along the Brielse Meer and through Brielle

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Brielle
  • 10.57 km (Approximately 02:38 u)
  • Hiking route 1016103

Walking along the Brielse Meer and through Brielle

  • The Netherlands
  • South Holland
  • Brielle
  • 10.57 km (Approximately 02:38 u)
  • Hiking route 1016103
From Camping de Krabbeplaat you first walk along the leafy banks of the Brielse Meer. You can enjoy a refreshing rest here. You cross the water via a bridge, which gives you a beautiful view. Further on you pass through the Vrijheidsbos: a young nature reserve where every tree has a story. From junction 54 you have a beautiful view of the old ramparts of Brielle. You will also find a rich cultural history within the former city walls. The largely seventeenth-century fortress is one of the best preserved defense works in the Netherlands. You will see monumental buildings and the Vliegend Hert, a flour mill from 1862. You will also pass the Historical Museum Den Briel. You return to the campsite via a ferry .


# Description Distance
Camping de Krabbeplaat (Oude Veerdam, 3231 NC, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
80 (Staaldiepseweg, 3231ND, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.06 km
78 (3237LW, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.45 km
51 (Onderneming, 3237LM, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.25 km
81 (Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.50 km
Vrijheidsbos (Parkeerplaats Briels Vrijheidsbos, 3237KM, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.94 km

Pause places

Camping de Krabbeplaat

Oude Veerdam 4
3231 NC Brielle

Camping de Krabbeplaat is located in a beautiful wooded area. The green and affordable campsite is located on the former island of Voorne-Putten, in South Holland. It is a stone's throw from the sea and directly on the Brielse Meer. You will also find extensive polders and historic villages and towns in the area such as Brielle. You will always find suitable accommodation at the campsite, whether you want to sleep in a simple hiker's cabin, in a comfortable mobile home or in a quiet camping spot with your own tent. Furthermore, the campsite is child-friendly with all kinds of places where children can romp and an extensive entertainment program. Fun activities are organized for adults, such as bingo or a pleasant evening with music at the harbour. You can enjoy water fun at the Brielse Meer. Rowing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing or just swimming to cool off on a hot day. It's all possible. In short, Camping de Krabbeplaat is the place for a fun holiday for young and old.



Parkeerplaats Briels Vrijheidsbos
3237KM Brielle

Statue, memorial stone or building erected in memory of a person or an important event

Vliegend Hert

't Vliegend Hert
3231AJ Brielle

In 1572 Brielle was taken by the Beggars. In the 17th century, the city walls with the mill were demolished. The so-called Molenbolwerk was placed on the east side, which was later replaced by a tower mill. The mill burned down in 1810 and it was not until 1973 that a major restoration took place.

Historisch Museum Den Briel

3231 XM Brielle

This museum focuses on the Eighty Years' War. This war took place between 1568 and 1648. The museum is located in the old city prison.

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