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Out of gratitude that nothing happened to Sterksel himself during the war and that the conscript soldiers from Sterksel returned home unharmed, a Maria chapel was built in 1945 on Ten Brakeweg. On the stone at the chapel it says: "May 1940 - May 1945 O May Queens, O Star of the Sea. You led us safely through the dangers of war. Through the turbulent surf of five terrifying years. Your month of May, O Mother, brought freedom and peace. We thank you, Queen of peace. You who come kneel here. Repeat this prayer. "Yet a resident of Sterksel, namely Henk van Rossum, was killed by the Germans. Henk was a member of a resistance group in Geldrop and had contacts with the resistance group of the de Koning brothers in Heeze. After the raid on Huisven in Heeze followed a raid on the Peelven, where the van Rossum family lived. Henk reported on June 17, 1944 in Haaren and was deported to concentration camp Dachau. According to the victim register of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Henk died there on May 31, 1945. Only in 2016 a memorial stone for Henk van Rossum was unveiled near the British cemetery (near Berkenlaan).

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