Inundatiegebied Het Laag
Nature reserve

Inundatiegebied Het Laag

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Het Laag is a nature reserve near Bergen op Zoom, south of the fortified town of Steenbergen. It consists of four parts: the Halstersch Laag, the Oudlands Laag, Verdonk Aanwas and Het verdun Westland. For generations it was used as an inundation area. Peat was cut here. Part of De Ligne, the canal they used to transport the peat in the past, can still be seen. Because of all that digging, the Halstersch Laag and Oudlands Laag are well below NAP. The Halstersch Laag and Oudlands Laag were part of the West Brabant Waterline. When the enemy approached, the area could be flooded. For example, the Halstersch Laag and Oudlands Laag were flooded for twenty years during the Eighty Years' War. Later, at the siege of Bergen op Zoom in 1747, they tried to stop the French with the water. Today, the Halstersch Laag and Oudlands Laag offer a varied landscape full of deciduous forest, meadows, fields and hedgerows. The variety is due to its location: on top of the Seam of Brabant, the transition between sandy and clay soil. Seepage water (good quality groundwater) comes to the surface here, which is good for the growth of rare plants. Bird watchers can enjoy breeding birds such as the curlew, godwit and lapwing.

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Halsters Laag 5
4614PA Bergen op Zoom
North Brabant The Netherlands

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