Huis Voorwijk
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Huis Voorwijk

Huis Voorwijk, built in 1791, was mainly inhabited by the families Tonckens and De Vos van Steenwijk. Godert Willem de Vos van Steenwijk has been a resident of Voorwijk since 1964. Until his retirement in 1999 he was ambassador with positions in Budapest, Indonesia, Canada and Moscow. He is married to Clara baroness van Pallandt. The statue in the forecourt, Girl with deer, was made by her aunt Charlotte van Pallandt. They have been running a stud farm in Voorwijk since 1964 and are the only ones in the Netherlands to breed thoroughbred Akhal-Teke sport horses. In the early 1970s they restored the house and both coach houses.

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Dorpsstraat 4
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Drenthe The Netherlands

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