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Landgoed Klein Engelenburg

Klein Engelenburg's history goes back to 1835, when Judith van Lennep had a white mansion built. Around 1910, the then owner, Esquire S. van Citters, built a side wing to the house to store his car. Brummen's first car, half the village was blown away. The mansion was demolished in 1912 and the current country house, orangery and gardener's house was built under the architecture of architects Feem and Bremer. The 80,000 m2 of land became a park garden based on an idea by landscape architect Leonard Springer. The garden was bordered by the Burgemeester de Wijslaan, the Engelenburgerlaan, Stationsstraat (Brummen station dates from 1865) and the Spoorstraat. Beautiful garden parties were held in which the 300-meter driveways were decorated in a fairytale with hundreds of lanterns. During the war years, the Germans took possession of Klein Engelenburg. After that it was sold to the reformed Stichting Kindertoevlucht in The Hague and the house served as a children's home for half a century. As of 2004, Klein Engelenburg is a small-scale, private residential care location. The country house still has the entrance portal covered with marble and the monumental hall with a spacious wooden landing staircase and stained-glass windows, in which the family coats of arms are depicted.

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6971 CA Brummen
Gelderland The Netherlands

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