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Buitenplaats Vollenhoven

Vollenhove was once a 'uithof' van Oostbroek. Shortly after 1800, the old house was demolished and the Amsterdam merchant Pieter de Smet built the current house in Empire style. In 1922 it was bought by the Van Marwijk Kooy family, who manage and live in the estate. As one of the few country estates of the Stichtse Lustwarande, the house has never been renovated on a large scale. The first owner had Hendrik van Lunteren build a landscape park in the English landscape style with sight-seeing axes to the Dom Tower and towards Amersfoort. The current Amersfoortseweg is the former view lane. After the purchase by Van Marwijk Kooy, Copijn made some changes to the garden. The estate has man-made hills, large meandering ponds and various groups of trees.

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