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Paterspoel en Suzanna sluis

The Paterspoel with the Suzanna Sluis has a glorious past that dates back to the Eighty Years' War. A farmer named Paterke caused Spanish soldiers to fall from his boat here. The redoubt in Landsmeer was then captured by the Spaniards near the Keering. Klein Paterke was allowed to transport heavily armed Spanish soldiers to Watergang, but Paterke did not like the Spaniards and devised a ruse. As soon as he was out of sight, between the high reeds and through a deep ditch, he stood on the side of the board and began to rock. The soldiers, who were not prepared for this, rolled over each other and when the pram fell over they fell overboard. Klein Paterke repeated this act of Geuza six more times.

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Ringvaart van de Wijde Wormer
1451 ML Oostzaan
North Holland The Netherlands

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