Fort aan de Buursteeg

The Fort aan de Buursteeg is one of the largest and most important defenses of the Grebbelinie. The fort was built in 1786 on the spot where the Buursteeg and the Slaperdijk intersected. Due to the size of the fort, several hundred soldiers were able to camp within the ramparts. The fort provided space for soldiers in the war of 1794 and 1795 against the French. Furthermore, the fort was on the front line during the May days of 1940 and was a German base when the Allies approached from Ede. So this fort has a long history. A visitor center will open in the northern part of the fort in 2017. Construction is now in full swing. The fort is easily accessible due to its central location close to the road and a train station and the fort is also a junction in numerous cycling and walking routes.

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Utrecht The Netherlands

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