Hanzestad Doesburg
Hanseatic city

Hanzestad Doesburg

Doesburg is an ancient Hanseatic town. The city already received city rights in the year 1237. That is no less than sixty years earlier than Amsterdam. Furthermore, the city is conveniently located at the confluence of the IJssel and the Oude IJssel. This location allowed the town to develop into a fortified settlement with four city gates: the Veerpoort, the Koepoort, the Meipoort and the Ooipoort. When Doesburg also joined the Hanseatic League, the status of the city was completely established. In the 13th century, the city grew into an important administrative trade center for a large area that reached as far as Emmerich in Germany. You can still find beautiful old buildings in the center of Doesburg. A beautiful city walk through Doesburg is therefore absolutely worthwhile. Another nice attraction in the city is the Mustard Museum. Learn all about mustard here and stock up on a jar of artisan mustard for home.

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