Hanzestad Zutphen
Hanseatic city

Hanzestad Zutphen

Zutphen is also called the Tower City, because of the historic towers that you will find in this city. A large part of the monumental buildings and the historic center of the city were created in the Hanseatic period. In the 12th century, Zutphen joined the Hanseatic League, an alliance between various cities to promote trade. This alliance created great wealth in Zutphen. Herring, butter and beer were transported from Zutphen to other cities via the IJssel and the Rhine and by sea. Wine was the commercial product that was mainly taken back to Zutphen. Wood was mainly transported over land and over the Berkel. Both Zutphen and Deventer are major players in the timber market. You can still see the wealth of that time in the city. In the center of the city you will come across warehouses, merchant houses and churches that are beautifully decorated. Pay a visit to Zutphen and admire the historic center of the city.

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