Rode Klif

This Cliff gets its name from the color of the boulder clay from which it is built. The red color is the result of iron richness and low descaling. Red boulder clay can only be found in Gaasterland. Since 1951, a monument of erratic stones has stood at the Red Cliff. On the top stone is the text 'leaver dea as slaef' (rather dead than slave) as a reminder of the Battle of Warns. This was the battle between Count William IV of Holland and the Frisians on September 26, 1345. The Dutch knights were attacked by the local population near the village of Warns. They fled and unfortunately chose the ferkearde meadow, the road to the Red Cliff. The swampy landscape caused them, with their heavy armor, to be crushed.

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Red Cliff
8721 EX Súdwest-Fryslân
Friesland The Netherlands

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