De Katwoudermolen

De Katwoudermolen

The Katwoudermolen drains the polder Katwoude-Hogendijk and a meadow area to the north of the Zeddeweg. The mill is located near the southern edge of Volendam. The first windmill for the Katwoude polder was built in 1649 and opened around 1650. A heavy inland barber that discharged into the Zuiderzee via a drainage sluice. By digging the barge canal from Edam to Monnickendam in 1663, the 689 hectare polder Katwoude was divided in two. The eastern part, Hogedijk, was drained by the old paddlewheel mill with a radius of 26.15 m and a paddle wheel with a diameter of 6.14 m and a width of 38 cm. For Lagendijk, the separated western part of 139 ha, a new paddle wheel mill was built in 1665 on the canal with a radius of 19.75 m.

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