Natuurpoort Visdonk
Nature gate

Natuurpoort Visdonk

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The Brabantse Natuurpoorten are ideal starting points for a bike ride or a walk. The Nature Gates are located on the most beautiful nature reserves full of great cycling and walking routes. There is also a catering facility at every Natuurpoort, there are sufficient parking spaces and on the information panels that are there you will find more information about the routes, nature and cultural history in the area. You can recognize the Brabant Nature Gates by a 4 meter high key as a landmark. Natuurpoort Visdonk is located near the Rucphense forests, a forest area of 1200 hectares that extends to the border with Belgium. In addition to the extensive forests, here and there you will also find agricultural areas, patches of heath grass and small areas with shifting sand. Brasserie Lodge Visdonk is the catering facility that belongs to this Nature Gate. Here you can eat and drink something, while the children enjoy themselves in nature at the brasserie. The brasserie is located on the centuries-old Landgoed Visdonk.

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Rozenvendreef 2
4707 PD Roosendaal
North Brabant The Netherlands

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