Het schooltje van Dik Trom
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Het schooltje van Dik Trom

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In contrast to Kieviet's Dik Trom books, his school building fared less well over the years. Because although it now seems as if the children just had lessons there, it has endured a lot. For example, it was sold in 1940 just before the war and served for years as a warehouse for a cattle farmer and a transport company respectively. In 2007 there was only a ruin and so the then owner applied for a demolition permit. But because this was a rare school building with one classroom and an adjoining teacher's house, there was immediate resistance. Architects, councilors, Monuments, Stadsherstel and a lot of volunteers are committed to preserving this special building. And with success, because in March 2013, Het Schooltje van Dik Trom was officially opened. Inside you will now find a nostalgic classroom as it must have looked around 1900. Complete with old benches, inkwells, inkwells, dip pens, gas lamps and an old pot stove. n a cupboard with 1500 old children's books. Not only does the building have historical value, the school also serves as a children's book museum.

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Het schooltje van Dik Trom 8a
1474 MT Edam-Volendam
North Holland The Netherlands

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