Vestingstad Grave
Fortified city

Vestingstad Grave

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No fortified city is z? often conquered and besieged as a fortified town of Grave. Small wonder that there are so many beautiful things left. The city is strategically located in the landscape. It was the best place for a new fortress in the Land van Cuijk, there near the Maas, at the mouth of the Raam. That is why the lords of Cuijk built a castle there in the 12th century. Many people came and Grave became a real trading town. But the fortified town of Grave also suffered from many wars. It was besieged seven times. Sometimes there were five times as many soldiers as residents. Spaniards and French destroyed the city, but the tough Grave always struggled to its feet.

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Sint Elisabethstraat
5361 HH Grave
North Brabant The Netherlands

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