Fortified city


Nijmegen is a centuries-old fortified city and you can see that in the fortifications around the city. About a century and a half ago Nijmegen was still completely walled. At the time it was possible to take a walk on those walls, a trip of about three quarters of an hour. Now only small parts of this wall remain and the space outside the wall is filled with houses and other buildings. Nijmegen has grown considerably since then. Today you can still find parts of the old fortifications in the Kronenburgerpark and the Hunnerpark. Take a look there and you will imagine yourself in earlier times. Nijmegen has been inhabited for centuries. Due to the favorable location of the city on the Waal and the Maas, Nijmegen has always been very popular as a residential area. The history of Nijmegen goes all the way back to the time of the Romans and the Batavians. It was not until many centuries later that Nijmegen gained the status of a fortified city, when the city had to be better protected against enemies.

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