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In the Zuiderzee Museum you can experience the history of the Zuiderzee and the surrounding villages yourself in both the indoor museum and the outdoor museum. In this museum you take an impressive journey through time. For example, go back to the 1930s, when the Zuiderzee became the IJsselmeer. In a ferry you go across the IJsselmeer to the outdoor museum. You will almost be short of eyes there. Smell the sea water, walk along cobblestone streets and admire authentic houses, various shops, workshops and churches in villages along the former Zuiderzee. Help craftsmen in the Markerwaard knitting nets or twist a rope in the rope-making workshop. Do you also want to take a look at the treasury of the Zuiderzee? Then go to the indoor museum, which shows you a rich collection with its varied exhibitions. In addition to masterpieces, this collection also includes personal stories about traditional life. With a combination of history, photography, traditional costume and design you get a beautiful overall picture of life along the Zuiderzee.

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Compagniestraat 12-22
1601 LA Enkhuizen
North Holland The Netherlands

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