Stoomgemaal Mastenbroek

The Mastenbroek Steam Pumping Station was built in 1855 near the Veneriete drainage canal. The steam pumping station was intended to drain the Mastenbroekerpolder. The pumping station completed this task until 1961, when an electric pumping station took over. The pumping station underwent a large-scale restoration around the year 2000. Cracks in the walls were discovered in 2000. These cracks had arisen because the foundation piles of the pumping station had been damaged. A restoration plan was devised in 2002 and implemented between 2003 and 2010. The pumping station is now in good condition both underground and above ground. There is also now a museum and a visitor center located in the pumping station. The old pumping station has been restored to its former glory and it is still working. Pay a visit to the museum to see the pumping station in action. In the associated visitor center, learn more about the hydrological history of the area and its inhabitants through exhibits, videos and slides.

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