Museum Oliemolen de Zoeker

Museum Oliemolen de Zoeker

Oliemolen dezoeker is a windmill that was built in 1672 in Zaandijk. In 1891 the mill was converted into a paint mill, but ten years later the mill was converted into an oil mill again. After that, cocoa waste was processed with the mill for a while. Until 1968 this mill was located south of the Sluissloot, after which the mill was moved to the Zaanse Schans. The mill had to be lifted at night over the overhead wires of the track. Not an everyday displacement and this event was therefore big news at this time. Aan de Zaan was a place for the mill on the site where the De Wind oil mill used to be. The mill is kept running in the summer on a professional basis. It is the only oil mill still operating regularly and it is also one of the five remaining oil mills in the Zaanstreek.

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1509BZ Zaanse Schans
North Holland The Netherlands

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