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Het Aardhuis Bezoekerscentrum

At Het Aardhuis you can completely immerse yourself in the exciting world of game. Go out at night with a night watchman to spot special wildlife in the area, view exhibits about camouflage and bats, among other things, or admire beautiful nature paintings. There is always something fun to do in this visitor center for young and old. The Aardhuis owes its name to the Aardmansberg on which the house was built. This mountain is one of the highest points in the Veluwe. The Aardhuis was built in 1861 by order of King Willem III. At the time, the house served as a hunting chalet, where people could go after the hunt. Later, the hunting chalet made way for the informative visitor center that is located in the Aardhuis. Part of the hunting chalet is still furnished as it used to be, including the hunting room. The Aardhuis is located in the middle of the Veluwe at about 12 kilometers from the center of Apeldoorn.

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7346AA Apeldoorn
Gelderland The Netherlands

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