Schoonewelle Centrum Natuur en Ambacht

Nowhere in the Kop van Overijssel will you find such a large collection of natural products together. This collection with diorama and showcase presentations shows the versatility of the nature of the North-West Overijssel area. Permanent exhibition consists of a collection with prepared birds and mammals, a collection of clogs by Berthus Klomp, a collection about nature and a collection about the history of Zwartsluis. In addition, changing exhibitions are also held about, for example, the seasons. Since 2012, the museum has been located in Sluuspoort in the center of Zwartsluis. Roelof Johannes Schoonewelle (1889-1960) was the founder of the current Museum of Nature and Craft. As a nature lover pur sang, he laid the foundation for an impressive collection of prepared and stuffed animals. A few years ago, Schoonewelle was converted into what it is today: a multi-functional Museum of Nature and Craft, where, in addition to the permanent exhibition, there are opportunities for temporary exhibitions and the implementation of various cultural activities.

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8064XN Zwartewaterland
Overijssel The Netherlands

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