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Buitenplaats Beerschoten

The first Beerschoten house was built in 1685. In 1889 it almost burned down to be rebuilt in largely the same style. After the war, the house fell into disrepair, but it was completely restored in 1978 and converted into an office. Now is it? after another thorough restoration? privately inhabited again. The estate has a park forest in the English landscape style, which was designed in 1824 by garden architect JD Zocher Jr. It is located on the spot where an 18th century park already existed. Between the meandering ponds, a flowing brook and meadows with groups of trees, elements of the old construction are recognizable: straight beech avenues and a star forest with the 'Konijnenberg' and 'Goudviskom'. The park is owned by Utrecht Landscape. The Paviljoen Beerschoten visitor center is located in the former coach house.

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Beelden op Beerschoten 6A
3732HM De Bilt
Utrecht The Netherlands

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