Kasteelmuseum Boxmeer

No fewer than two cultural institutions are located in Boxmeer Castle. The Museum Gemeente Boxmeer and the Castle Museum of the Congregation of the Sisters of Julie Postel. In the museum you will learn everything about Boxmeer's rich history. There are various archaeological finds from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages to admire, as well as Roman coins. The Castle Museum tells more about the eventful history of the castle and its inhabitants. As far back as Roman times, a castellum lay here on a motte, a man-made elevation in the landscape. Due to its strategic position at the borders of Germany and the province of Limburg, there was a castle on this spot in the Middle Ages, which was regularly besieged, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. In the eighteenth century, a country house was eventually built in its place, while the old seventeenth-century knights' hall was preserved. This section can still be visited under the guidance of a guide.

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Veerstraat 49
5831JN Boxmeer
North Brabant The Netherlands

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