Natuurpoort Fort Altena
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Natuurpoort Fort Altena

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Fort Altena - which is part of the New Dutch Waterline - was built between 1840 and 1850 as a circular earthen redoubt, with a free-standing bombproof tower. A canal with a drawbridge was constructed around it. Later the fort was strengthened and expanded to its present form. Nowadays you will find a nice brasserie with a nice terrace: Kazerne C. The chef likes to spoil you with healthy and tasty snacks and bites. A great base (with bicycle rental!) In the land of Heusden and Altena, close to the motorway southeast of Sleeuwijk. Fort Altena, disarmingly hospitable!

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Fort Altena 8
4251 PX Altena
North Brabant The Netherlands

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