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Mölnmarsch, toeristische waterberging

M? Lnmarsch is an area of about 70 hectares. The area consists of a newly dug meander that extends the Vecht by about two kilometers and the surrounding nature. The water board has designed the polder in this area for extra water storage. The winter bed of the river has been widened so that excess rainwater can be temporarily collected there. For example, increased water drainage in winter does not cause any problems. Longer water retention in this area will also keep the area from drying out. The sand that has been excavated here has been used to create the lookout hill the Distelbelt. From this hill you have a beautiful view over the river Vecht. The Vecht used to be an important river for shipping. Especially Bentheim sandstone was transported from here. Today it is much quieter in this area. So you can enjoy the peaceful nature here undisturbed.

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