Molen d'Olde Zwarver

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Mill d 'Olde Zwarver was built in 1842 as a replacement for a burnt down mill. In 1913 a gas engine was installed in the mill. The increased buildings in the area meant that the mill could catch less wind, which is why the gas engine was needed. The mill remained in operation until 1949, after which the mill was bought by the owner of a milk factory. In 1952, that owner wanted to demolish the mill because he needed the place to expand his factory. The population of Kampen fiercely revolted against this and eventually the municipality of Kampen decided to move the mill in its entirety to a place nearby. In April 1952, the entire mill was moved to its current location on a wheeled low-loader. This also explains the special name of the mill. Over the years, the mill has been restored several times, but it was not possible to prevent the mill from falling into disrepair time and again. The last restoration took place between 1999 and 2001.

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D' Olde Zwarver
8261LN Kampen
Overijssel The Netherlands

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