De Konijnenbelt

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This octagonal tower mill was built in 1806 as an oil and hulling mill. In 1820 a grinder was installed in the mill and from then on flour was also made in the mill. In 1976 the mill was bought by the municipality of Ommen. The mill was then restored, but the interior was almost completely demolished by then. In the late 1980s, flats were built close to the mill, which meant that the mill could catch a lot less wind. Nevertheless, the mill was regularly operated by volunteer millers during that period. It was dismantled in 2013 due to a radical recovery of the mill. Parts of the mill were replaced and the English wheel mechanism was also renewed. In 2014, the mill was ready to turn again, but shortly after the recovery, the almost new outer rod hit the hull while turning. As a result, the mill came to a standstill again. The damaged outer rod had to be repaired and re-plugged. In the meantime, the mill is ready to turn again.

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De Konijnenbelt
7731BD Ommen
Overijssel The Netherlands

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