Molen De Wippe

Molen De Wippe

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De Wippe is a flour mill that was built in Hellendoorn in 1821. Until 1937, the mill was used to grind corn using wind power. Then the interior of the Wippe was removed. The mill is named after the so-called 'Wippenbelt' on which the windmill is built. Between 1998 and 2001, the mill, which was dilapidated at the time, was thoroughly renovated. The mill still runs regularly with the help of a volunteer miller. Nowadays a general practice is located in the mill and De Wippe previously housed a public observatory. Take a look at this windmill and immerse yourself in a piece of traditional Dutch architecture.

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De Wippe 15
7447 RA Hellendoorn
Overijssel The Netherlands

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