Molen Den Olden Florus

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Den Olden Florus is a post mill, one of the oldest mill types in the Netherlands. The year of construction of the mill is unknown, but in 1403 the mill was already there. On one of the beams of the mill was a year, but this beam has decayed over the centuries and as a result the year has become illegible. The mill has been in the hands of several private owners, all of whom did not have to pay wind duty to the Duke. They were so-called "free millers". This allowed the millers to earn good money with this mill. Their only obligation was to annually hand over four bushels of rye to the Presbytery of Barneveld. At the end of the 20th century, the mill was extensively restored twice on behalf of the then owners. Among other things, the stand, the stone beam and the top shaft of the mill were due for replacement. In 2008 the mill was sold to a foundation to preserve the mill.

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Den Olden Florus
3784VE Barneveld
Gelderland The Netherlands

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