Molen Lana Mariana

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The Lana Marina mill has been on its current site since 1739. Before that, the mill stood on the spot where the church of Harskamp now stands in the middle of the village. It is not known when the mill was built exactly, but the first mention of the mill dates back to before 1500. The former mill was a wooden mill, but the current mill has a stone hull. Over the centuries, the mill has been refurbished several times and the replacement of wood by stone is also part of this. The mill was used for grinding flour. During the Second World War, the hood was shot off with the blades of the mill and until 1984 the mill remained a ruin. Since 1998, the mill has been used as a family home. They had the hood covered with reed, as was the case in the past. It is unknown where the name of the mill comes from today.

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De Lana Mariana
6732BL Ede
Gelderland The Netherlands

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