Wijngaard Hesselink

Wijngaard Hesselink

Wijngaard Hesselink is located in the beautiful scenic landscape around Winterswijk. In this region there is still an old-fashioned tranquility and nature is given plenty of space. The grapes in the vineyards are given plenty of time to ripen here until they have reached their optimal taste to make delicious wine. You may not immediately think of wine when you think of the Achterhoek, but very tasty wines are made here. At Wijngaard Hesselink you can taste these wines, but there are also guided tours of the vineyard where you learn everything about the process involved in making wine. You can recover from your walk or bike ride on the cozy terrace furnished with wine barrels. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings with a nice glass of wine, baguettes and cheeses. A nice sun there and you imagine yourself in France, while you are actually just in the Netherlands. Of course you can also buy wine from this vineyard to enjoy it further at home.

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Pasweg 172
7113CB Winterswijk
Gelderland The Netherlands

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