Waterwheel mill

Molen van Frans

This mill is one of the two water mills along the Mosbeek. It is said that the mill was built in 1711 as a paper mill by Bernadus Kremer. In 1879 the mill was renovated to make it suitable for grinding grain. Furthermore, the under-hammer mill was changed into an over-hammer mill to increase the efficiency of the mill. A reservoir was also constructed next to the mill. Everything to put the mill to work as hard as possible. The mill has been restored several times. Nowadays there is an exhibition in the mill about the history of the mill. In addition, you will also find information about the development of flora and fauna in the valley of the Mosbeek and there are archaeological finds on display. The Mosbeek is a lowland stream with very clean water. The plants in and along the Mosbeek depend on this clean water. The province makes every effort to keep this water as clean as possible in order to protect the nature around the mill.

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Molen van Frans
7663 TA Tubbergen
Overijssel The Netherlands

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