Fort Bovensluis

Fort Bovensluis

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Fort Bovensluis between Willemstad and Noordschans is part of the Defense Line of Willemstad and had to provide cover for Fort De Ruijter, now Fort Sabina. The fort was built in 1861-1862 and probably served to replace a battery for the artillery of Fort Haaren from 1673. With the construction of Fort Bovensluis, the dilapidated fort Haaren was demolished and redesigned. Four cannons, Coehoorn mortars, a wet ditch and a redoubt were built here. The defense network served as a barracks with 188 soldiers. Concrete bunkers were dug in the 20th century. After the fort lost its military function, the building was bought by Mr. Boertjes in 1952. He knew what to do with the now dilapidated fort: thanks to the thick walls, it turned out to be a perfect cold store for potatoes. Until today, the fort is in the hands of the Boertjes family and is one of the nice sights in Willemstad. It is located in the middle of the recreation park of the same name and houses the cozy family restaurant Fort Bovensluis.

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