Fort de Hel

Fort de Hel

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At Fort De Hel in Willemstad you can taste, in addition to culture and history, the delicious dishes with the authentic taste of the farm, straight from the Sabina Henrica polder! The dishes are freshly prepared in the mobile restaurant kitchen. In addition, the fort forms the atmospheric backdrop for theater performances and the Night of the Po? See. You can walk around the fort. It is therefore not without reason included in the Floris V-pad, a long-distance walking path of 244.5 kilometers from Amsterdam to Bergen op Zoom. The fort was under explosive stress in the French era, when the fort could hold 9,500 kilos of gunpowder and 14 troops. The French built Fort l 'Enfer in 1811, to defend Willemstad against the English. The square fort provided back cover for Fort Sabina Henrica. Two years later, the French left and it was given the Dutch name De Hel. The Dutch modernized Fort De Hel in Willemstad in 1884 so that 118 soldiers could enter. In 1896 they armed the fort with six cannons, four mortars, two machine guns and four Coehoorn mortars. In 1941 the Germans occupied Fort De Hel, until the South Wales Borderers expelled them on 5 November 1944. Just like Fort Frederik and Fort Sabina, the fort was built according to the so-called 'Tour mod? Le' style. Here there are only three of them in the Netherlands and all in the Defense Line of Willemstad.

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4754 AD Moerdijk
North Brabant The Netherlands

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