Death wire route (2/7) 14-18 Berg aan de Maas - Achel

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Stein
  • 86.63 km (Approximately 05:05 u)
  • Cycling route 934424

Death wire route (2/7) 14-18 Berg aan de Maas - Achel

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Stein
  • 86.63 km (Approximately 05:05 u)
  • Cycling route 934424
The LF-Fietsclub also wants to contribute to draw more attention to the Death Wire of 14-18. Especially now that there is also an exhibition in the Achelse Kluis about the great explosion of the German ammunition trains at Hamont station in 1918. According to the ED, almost 30 municipalities are participating in this commemoration of the 350 km long electric border barrier in those years. The municipality of Maasmechelen is leading the way in a white crocus route to commemorate the thread of death, which will plant no fewer than 35,000 bulbs of the 125,000 bulbs that will now go into the ground in October 2018. You can find various reconstructions on this route, including for FKP 17 at the Ulfelseweg and at the Smeetshof(weg) at the Weerterweg (Bocholt) and at Grenspaal 174 between FKP 216 and 38, but also for the Kluis itself.
Tip: The bicycle ferry at FKP 22 to FKP 1 to Kaal is out of service in the winter, then cycle here from FKP 22 (the Spaenjerd/VVV point) to 21 to continue the route there. You will miss Thorn, Wessem and Maasbracht.
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# Description Distance
27 (6129BB, Stein, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
50 (3630, Maasmechelen, Flanders, Belgium) 0.34 km
Maascentrum De Wissen/Dienst toerisme Dilsen-Stokkem (Negenoordlaan, 3650, Dilsen-Stokkem, Flanders, Belgium) 3.33 km
49 (3650, Dilsen-Stokkem, Flanders, Belgium) 5.15 km
46 (3650, Dilsen-Stokkem, Flanders, Belgium) 5.86 km
26 (Heppeneert, 3680, Maaseik, Flanders, Belgium) 11.31 km

Pause places

Maascentrum De Wissen/Dienst toerisme Dilsen-Stokkem

Negenoordlaan 2
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

Maascentrum De Wissen/Tourism Department Dilsen-Stokkem is a unique starting point for exploring the Meuse valley. By bike, on foot, with a whisper boat or stay in peace on a camping raft on the Oude Maas. It's all possible here. For all tourist information you can contact the tourism office. Here you will also learn everything about the Maas and local braiding arts. After a bike ride or a walk you can settle down on the most beautiful terrace of the Maaskant for one of the local specialties. Rest well and enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty meal to replenish your energy supply.

De Pannekoekenbakker Maaseik

3680 Maaseik

The Pannekoekenbakker is located on the market in Maaseik and the perfect stop for those hungry. We have been open on the beautiful market since May 2007, in the heart of the atmospheric ancient town of Maaseik. You can choose from more than 250 different pancakes. From the traditional Dutch with syrup to a richly filled pancake. We also have a wide choice of starters and desserts. Maaseik will certainly charm you. Surprisingly close and with a lot of unexpected places. Stroll through hundreds of years of culture and history in the historic city center : a living museum of architectural delights. Maasland renaissance, baroque, rococo, neo-classicism, all within a few blocks of each other. When visiting, be sure to take the time for one of our fascinating museums or take the city walk and let yourself be guided along the most beautiful places in the city. Maaseik, source of lazy relaxation and healthy exercise.

Visit Maaseik

3680 Maaseik

Welcome to Maaseik, city on the river Maas and birthplace of the Van Eyck brothers. You immediately feel at home in this beautiful setting, surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. It is an exquisite and tailor-made city where you can enjoy a wonderful day out by strolling carefree through the streets and along the shops, have a tasty bite to eat and experience a bit of culture.

Visit Kinrooi

Maasstraat 84
3640 Kinrooi

Kinrooi is literally and figuratively the top of the Maasland. Geographically, we are the most northeastern municipality of Belgian Limburg and therefore the pinnacle of the Meuse valley. In Kinrooi all senses are stimulated so that you feel like experiencing and discovering all that beauty. Huge investments have been made in separate cycling and walking paths along the vast Maasplassen. This way you can follow the numerous boats well. Because that's what we're known for here; enjoy along and certainly also on the water. Enjoy the tranquility, our nature, culture and gastronomy. In short, Kinrooi is more than worth exploring. So, see you soon!

Jachthaven De Spaanjerd

Maasstraat 82
3640 Kinrooi

Marina De Spaanjerd, that is the Mediterranean feeling in the heart of the Euregion. Located on the Kinrooise Maasplassen, the marina is home to about 800 boats. From small fishing boats to imposing sloops, they are all welcome in De Spaanjerd marina. From the separate bicycle paths you have a unique view over the harbor. Perhaps you are tempted to continue your journey on the water? That too is possible. In the evening, let yourself be pampered in one of the many catering establishments. Marina De Spaanjerd, that is the ultimate holiday feeling.

Herberg Stadt Stevenswaert

Veldstraat Oost 1
6107 AS Maasgouw

Herberg Stadt Stevenswaert is located on the market of Stevensweert, the beautiful old fortified town that is located on an island in the middle of the Maas. This restaurant is renowned among the Burgundians from the region. And with good reason: the most delicious dishes are on the menu. The restaurant has been awarded the Bib Gourmand by Michelin for eight years in a row! You are welcome to enjoy a coffee at your leisure on the terrace, possibly with something delicious. From Herberg Stadt Stevenswaert you can make beautiful cycling and walking tours through the striking core of Stevensweert and the beautiful countryside.

Brasserie 't Pastorieke

Driessensstraat 24
6015 AG Leudal

Brasserie't Pastorieke is located in the middle of charming Neeritter, a village in Central Limburg near the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. The brasserie is located in a former rectory. Taking a snack and/or drink in a beautifully cozy national monument is something you probably don't do every day. On a beautiful day you can enjoy the sun in the rectory garden with a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake. You can also go to't Pastorieke for an extensive high tea or a high wine with tasty tapas snacks. All delicacies at't Pastorieke are homemade. That is bonkers!


Bezoekerscentrum de Hompesche molen

Hompesche Molen 1
6107AA Maasgouw

The Hompesche Molen visitor center is located in the former mill house. The 'grain room' is a reminder of the mill's glorious past.

Hompesche Molen

Hompesche Molen 1
6107AA Maasgouw

The Hompesche Molen is the only mill for miles around that has been preserved, making the mill unique for this area. This imposing grain mill dates from 1722 and it is the highest mill in all of Limburg. Every first and last Saturday afternoon of the month a volunteer miller is at work here.

Streekmuseum Stevensweert/Ohé en Laak

6107BZ Maasgouw

A visit to Streekmuseum Stevensweert / Oh? and Laak starts watching the film 'Eiland in de Maas: Van all times'. This short film gives you more information about the history of Stevensweert and Oh? and Laak. After the film you can go and see the museum's collection. This collection is divided into several themes. One of the collections consists of dredging finds that came out of the ground during the excavations. For example, in 1942 a silver cup from Roman times was found among the dredged stones. Other dredging finds include iron tools, weapons and skeletal parts of mammoths. Another collection is dedicated to Jan van Steffeswert, a famous late Middle Ages sculptor who was probably born in Stevensweert. The museum also pays attention to Castle Stevensweert, Castle Walburg, the Stevensweert fortress and historical coins and medals. The coins come from various places along the Limburg Maas, where coins used to be minted.

Luisterplek 216 - Weergaloze vernieling

6051CR Maasgouw

This listening point is part of the Liberation Route. This is a remembrance route along the most important regions of the Allied advance during the Second World War. In September 1944, the Germans blew up all ships in the port of Maasbracht. At this listening point you will hear the story behind this event. During the Second World War, ships on the Maas were often under fire. Schippers took refuge with their families in the port of Maasbracht and in the vicinity of the port. They had no cargo to transport anyway and they were afraid of being fired. The Germans were afraid that these ships would fall into the hands of the Allies and on September 29 they called on all people to abandon their ships for the next day. When all ships were unmanned, they were blown up one by one, even the ships around Maastricht and on the Juliana Canal.

De Grote Hegge

6017AJ Maasgouw

L-shaped town house. Mostly from after 1589. Restored in 1688-89. restored again in the seventies of the last century.

Abdijkerk Thorn

6017CC Maasgouw

Early in the Middle Ages, the abbey was granted market rights, customs duties and the option to establish a court.


Huis Groenenberg
6017AK Maasgouw

The current house dates from the 18th century with renovations carried out in the 20th century. An older house from 1337 has stood on this site.


Kerkberg 5
6017 HA Maasgouw

The Saint Michael's Church is a church building in the Dutch Limburg town of Thorn. The church has served as the Roman Catholic parish church of the parish of Saint Michael for two centuries.

Het witte stadje Thorn

6017HA Maasgouw

Discover this miniature principality led by a tourist guide. In addition to the Sunday and holiday hikes throughout the year, extra programs are offered during the summer holidays.

Luisterplek 219 - Thorn in de frontlinie

6017AA Maasgouw

This listening spot is part of the Liberation Route. This is a remembrance route along the most important regions of the Allied advance during the Second World War. Here you will learn more about the liberation of Thorn. This place was liberated between September and mid-November by Belgian and Luxembourg soldiers, the so-called Brigade Piron. This brigade of 1,400 men had a front defense of about 20 kilometers wide in Central Limburg. Normally, many more soldiers, about ten times that amount, are deployed for such a front line. The German troops built reinforcements along the nearby Wessem-Nederweert canal and made Limburg forced laborers work for them. The Brigade Piron could hardly cope with this. The liberation of Thorn put this town on the front line. It was so dangerous that almost all residents had to be evacuated. Finally, in November the British managed to eliminate the German soldiers in this area for good.

Sint Lambertuskerk

6015 AC Leudal

The oldest part of this three-aisled church is the 13th century marlstone tower.

St. Jansmolen

6039HA Weert

The St. Jansmolen is a hollow post mill from 1783. In 1804 the post mill was moved to its current location. The mill ground grains on a professional basis until 1978.

Molen de Nijverheid

6039EB Weert

This mill is also called the Molen van Nijs. It is a round stone belt mill that was built in 1903. The mill was decommissioned around 1960 and from then on the mill fell into disrepair. Nowadays the mill runs on a voluntary basis again.

St.-Benedictusabdij - De Achelse Kluis

Achelse Kluis 1
B-3930 Hamont-Achel

The Achelse Kluis has been a place where people settle for prayer and spirituality for centuries. Even today, there are still people who go here for peace and internalization. De Kluis is located on the border of North Brabant (NE) and North Limburg (BE) on the banks of the Warmbeek (BE) / Tongelreep (NE). The beer that is brewed in the Kluis is one of the few that can call itself Trappist beer, because there are only 11 beers that can bear this title.

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