Blauwnet walk Zutphen - Oldenzaal

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Zutphen
  • 102.91 km (Approximately 25:43 u)
  • Hiking route 853335

Blauwnet walk Zutphen - Oldenzaal

  • The Netherlands
  • Gelderland
  • Zutphen
  • 102.91 km (Approximately 25:43 u)
  • Hiking route 853335

This multi-day walking tour takes you from Zutphen to Oldenzaal. Choose one of the partial routes or follow the entire route of over 100 kilometers and enjoy the beautiful and versatile nature of Overijssel.

Country houses and castles
This multi-day walk starts at Zutphen station. Along the way you will come across many country houses and castles where you can walk through the castle gardens. Take, for example, Huis de Voorst in Eefde. The lush gardens have earned it the honorary title'Versailles of the Achterhoek\\\'. Or how about Havezate Westerflier or Kasteel Huis te Diepenheim? Castle Nijenhuis is also definitely worth a visit with its romantic walking paths and picturesque vistas. Castle Weldam should not be skipped either.

From Goor to Oldenzaal
During this route you walk past all kinds of beautiful villages and their outlying areas. You can really relax here! You walk long stretches along the water or through the green nature. You will also pass Tuindorp't Lansink, one of the most beautiful garden villages in the Netherlands. Before you reach the end point of this route, you will explore the bustling city of Hengelo and learn more about the history of this city. Oldenzaal is the end point of this route.

Choose your route
Blauwnet train stations can be found along this route in Zutphen, Lochem, Goor, Delden, Hengelo Health Park, Hengelo, Hengelo East and Oldenzaal. You can choose how long you want to make your walking tour. You can spend the night at various places along the way.

This walk is divided into the following sub-routes:

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# Description Distance
Treinstation Zutphen (Zutphen, 7201 ML, Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Landgoed Huis De Voorst (Huis de Voorst, 7211MA, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 4.74 km
Brasserie Restaurant Kawop (Bagijnestraat, 7241 AA, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 20.39 km
Treinstation Lochem (Stationsplein, 7241 DB, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 21.61 km
U80 (7475RD, Hof van Twente, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 28.86 km
Havezate Westerflier (Huis Westerflier, 7478RR, Hof van Twente, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 30.64 km

Pause places

Brasserie Restaurant Kawop

Bagijnestraat 23
7241 AA Lochem

Near the old plane tree on the market square of Lochem you will find'Restaurant Kawop\\\' in a monumental mansion. Chef Ronald Bouwhuis and his brigade prepare creative dishes here for a very friendly price. They only use fresh and pure (regional) products. The menu mainly features dishes from traditional French-Belgian cuisine. The pleasant terrace is a wonderful place for cyclists and walkers to relax and especially enjoy. The restaurant is open from Friday to Wednesday from 5.30 pm. Thursday it is closed. The brasserie is open around lunchtime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In the summer season also on Mondays.

Landgoed Kaamps

7561 AT Dinkelland

Landgoed Kaamps offers you a unique view of rural life in Twente. In the experience boulevard you can see how the cows are milked and the milk is processed into cheese. Various dairy products of their own making are for sale in the estate shop. Also delicious: have lunch or a cup of coffee with homemade apple pie in the farmer's brasserie De Schop. Then hop on your bicycle saddle or put on your hiking boots to explore the region. Because the Twentse country is rich in peace, nature and attractive places!


Landgoed Huis De Voorst

Huis de Voorst 10
7211MA Lochem

The Huis De Voorst estate was built around 1700 by order of Arnold Joost van Keppel, who had earned a fortune at the court of Stadholder William III. Because of the resemblance to the palace of Willem III, De Voorst was nicknamed 'Het kleine Loo' and the lush gardens gave it the honorary title 'Versailles van de Achterhoek'.

Havezate Westerflier

Huis Westerflier
7478RR Hof van Twente

Havezate Westerflier is an old two-storey mansion from 1729. The house has long been inhabited by noble families and is located on an ancient estate of the same name.

Kasteel Huis te Diepenheim

Huize Diepenheim 1
7478 RV Hof van Twente

Kasteel Huis in Diepenheim is the oldest castle in Diepenheim. The house was built in 1648 by Berent Bentinck. Since 1925 the house has been owned by Baron de Vos van Steenwijk and his family. The estate has a total area of 180 ha and is freely accessible to hikers. The coat of arms of the Bentinck and Ittersum family with the year 1685 has been incorporated on the beautiful castle gate.


7478BL Hof van Twente

You used to find the manor Pekkedam at the beginning of the driveway to Nijenhuis castle. There is hardly anything left of that nowadays. The villa that you find here now dates from 1898.

Kasteel Nijenhuis

7478 PA Hof van Twente

The Nijenhuis (approximately 200 hectares) is located to the east of Diepenheim. The central part of the current house dates from 1662. In the 19th and early 20th century it was expanded with a total of four towers. The house is the core of an intact country estate. The character of the Nijenhuis estate is park-like: romantic footpaths along the Molenbeek, monumental tree groups and picturesque vistas determine the image.

Kasteel Weldam

7475MJ Hof van Twente

Around the start of the Eighty Years' War, the rectangular rear part of the house that still exists today was built on a square moated site. Not much is known about the building that must have stood before it.

Tuindorp ‘t Lansink

7553CB Hengelo

Tuindorp 't Lansink one of the most beautiful garden villages in the Netherlands. Admire this beautiful part of Hengelo, take a tour along the pond and end with coffee or tea at Tuindorphotel 't Lansink.


7552EC Hengelo

Spread across Belgium? and the Netherlands are numerous abbeys, where the monks live according to the rule of Benedictus. They are all oases of tranquility, situated in a beautiful landscape with a rich cultural-historical background. Pay a visit

Sint Plechelmusbasiliek

Sint Plechelmusbasiliek 4
7571 EG Oldenzaal

In Oldenzaal you will find the Sint-Plechelmus basilica, one of the 23 basilicas in the Netherlands. The story goes that the itinerant missionary Plechelmus founded a church here in the 8th century. In 954 this church was renovated and relics of Plechelmus, which had meanwhile obtained the status of saint, were transferred to the church. Around 1150 the church was exchanged for a new church of Bentheim sandstone in Westphalian Romanesque style. Some parts of the current church still remain from this time. The current tower was built around 1240. Between 1633 and 1810 the church was in the hands of the Protestant community, but later the Catholics got the church back. Several restorations followed because the church had fallen into disrepair. Especially during the restoration between 1891 and 1900, many adjustments were made in and around the church. In 1950 the church received the honorary title of 'basilica'. The basilica still serves as a home for the masses of the Plechelmus parish.

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