The silence of the Brachter Wald

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Beesel
  • 43.38 km (Approximately 02:33 u)
  • Cycling route 766180

The silence of the Brachter Wald

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Beesel
  • 43.38 km (Approximately 02:33 u)
  • Cycling route 766180

The Brachter Wald is a special nature reserve just across the border at Roermond. A region where, in addition to beautiful nature, you will also find a rich cultural history.

Bitter Wald
From the pleasant holiday park Landal De Lommerbergen you drive to Ronkenstein. Because of its eighteenth-century appearance, this hamlet enjoys a protected village view. One of the many wonderful photo opportunities on this route! Further on you cross the border and drive many kilometers through the vast Brachter Wald. You will experience a unique cycling experience here, because there is no motorized traffic in this former ammunition depot! What a silence!

Then you drive briefly into the moist deciduous forests of the Swalmdal. You cross the Swalm, after which you cycle through the coniferous forests of Luzenkamp. At the edge of the forest you pass Hillenraad Castle: a square moated castle that originally dates from the fourteenth century. What a beautiful environment! De Grauwe Beer is a flour mill on the banks of the Maas, it stood in Zaandam from 1614 to 1891.


# Description Distance
Landal De Lommerbergen (Lommerbergen, 5953 TT , Beesel, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
3 (5995MB, Beesel, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.83 km
2 (5953CH, Beesel, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.12 km
99 (5953JS, Beesel, Limburg, The Netherlands) 5.37 km
70 (Broekstraat, 5951BX, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.25 km
72 (5951NT, Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands) 10.59 km

Pause places

Landal De Lommerbergen

Lommerbergen 1
5953 TT Beesel

Stop at Landal De Lommerbergen during your trip or afterwards. Here you will find a cozy Grand Cafe with a large indoor and outdoor terrace where you can relax with a beautiful view of the pond, beach and Adventure Island. Replenish your energy supply with a cup of coffee with Limburg flan, an extensive lunch or dinner in one of the park's restaurants. A night's sleep is of course possible. The children will never be bored here: they can enjoy swimming in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, play in the indoor play paradise, on the Adventure Island, on the petting zoo and in the butterfly garden or play a game of Adventure Golf or Bowling together.

De Witte Stein

Keulseweg 193
5953 HJ Beesel

Close to the White Stein lies a wonderful secret. It borders on the Brachter Wald, a vast wooded area on the border of the Netherlands and Germany. This special forest lends itself well to long walks or bike rides. De Witte Stein is the ideal starting point to explore this area. You can park here easily and for free and enjoy both lunch and dinner on a lovely terrace.


Kasteel Hillenraad

6071 NH Roermond

One of the most beautiful castles in central Limburg is Castle Hillenraad. A castle, surrounded by moats and a fortress to the outer castle, which is still partially moated. The outer bailey is built on three sides; there is a private chapel in one of the three wings. The outer bailey has a gatehouse, which must be approached over a bridge. The main building has four square towers covered with a kind of helmet crown, which give the castle a charming appearance, which is more reminiscent of a country house than a resilient castle, although it still has that shape.

Molen De Grauwe Beer

De Grauwe Beer 1
5954 NG Beesel

The De Grauwe Beer windmill has not always been at this location. Until the eighties of the last century, the mill stood in Antoniusstraat. The mill had fallen into disrepair in 1974 and was to be demolished to make way for new houses. In 1983 the demolition was stopped by residents of Beessel and the mill was restored and moved to its current location. A mill shop is currently located in the building. The mill itself is open and can be visited on Saturday

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