Lucky places route through Roerdalen

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Roerdalen
  • 84.89 km (Approximately 04:59 u)
  • Cycling route 750760

Lucky places route through Roerdalen

  • The Netherlands
  • Limburg
  • Roerdalen
  • 84.89 km (Approximately 04:59 u)
  • Cycling route 750760

Roerdalen is a beautiful region in Central Limburg, just below Roermond. You make a nice long trip here along the many places that make the local residents happy. Such as the Roerdal and the Meinweg National Park.

The route starts in Sint-Odiliënberg. In this beautiful village you will pass the twelfth-century basilica, Happiness Place 9. Enjoy the beautiful view over the tranquil Roer Valley. In Melick you will pass Geluksplaats 10. A place of rest, reflection and memory on the Kerkberg. Further on you cross the Roer via a beautiful bicycle bridge. Stop to enjoy the view before making a pit stop at Oetsjpanning de Meuleberg.

A little further on is Lucky Spot 13: a watchtower. After a round through the woods near Montfort you come back to the starting point.


# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats centrum (6077CD, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Geluksplek 7 Roerdalen: Het Kind op het Water (6077 CS, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.96 km
75 (6077AJ, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.00 km
Geluksplek 9 Roerdalen: De Torens van de Basiliek (Kerkplein, 6077 AA, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.31 km
Geluksplek 8 Roerdalen: De Bevers van het Moerasbos (Leropperweg, 6077 NW, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 3.71 km
81 (6041PB, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 6.41 km

Pause places

Oetsjpanning de Meuleberg

Waterschei 71
6074 ES Roerdalen

Are you looking for a nice place to have a break in Central Limburg? Then take a look at Oetsjpanning de Meuleberg. This restaurant is located on the edge of the village of Melick. Around the village you will find beautiful hilly landscapes that form the perfect backdrop for a day full of cycling or walking pleasure. Next to the restaurant you will find an agricultural tool museum where you can take a look. With good weather you can enjoy the view and the sun on the terrace. The Meuleberg's menu is full of delicious dishes made with fresh, seasonal regional products. Such a tasty meal goes perfectly with a Gulpener beer. Be sure to try the homemade pies that are available here. Such a piece of pie with a generous dollop of whipped cream tastes delicious with coffee. Italian ice cream is also part of the range. It all tastes equally good at the Meuleberg.


Geluksplek 7 Roerdalen: Het Kind op het Water

6077 CS Roerdalen

In the pond is a statue of a playing child, an island, a bridge, children playing, chirping ducks. Life can be that simple.

Geluksplek 9 Roerdalen: De Torens van de Basiliek

Kerkplein 15
6077 AA Roerdalen

From the bench on the Roer you have an idyllic view over the water and the towers of the Romanesque basilica of the Saints Wiro, Plechelmus and Otgerus. A basilica is an honorary title that may only bear 25 churches in the Netherlands. In the 8th century there was already an abbey here on the Petrusberg. Enjoy this historical place. At the stairs of the church you imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. The basilica can be found on the Kerkplein in Sint Odilienberg.

Geluksplek 8 Roerdalen: De Bevers van het Moerasbos

6077 NW Roerdalen

Discover the three benches of happiness between Landgoed Hoosden, the Linnerheide and Mortelshof. You start at the happiness bank of shelter 't Huppelke on the edge of the Swamp Forest of the Hoosden estate. Do you see the beaver tracks? Geluksbank two is located at the beginning of the Linnerheide. With the Moerasbos on your left, walk towards the Linnerheide car park. Along the way you walk between the different crops that are grown here. Cross the intersection for the third lucky bank. After about 300 meters you will see him at the imposing entrance lane to the Mortelshof farm. Here you can look over the rolling fields and the ever-changing crops. You see a lot of natural beauty here.

Geluksplek 11: De Verzonken Tuin van Melick

6074 HW Roerdalen

This playground is hidden in a small bowl, under the trees. For children it is one of the nicest places in Roerdalen. There is also a school nearby. Take your time to watch the children play. And if you look very closely, you will also discover about five of them that are always hanging in the trees, rain or shine.

Geluksplek 10 Roerdalen: Onder de Stambomen van Melick

Kerkberg 8
6074 AB Roerdalen

This is a place of peace, reflection and memory. There was already a small church on this mountain in the 13th century. Only a beautifully restored neo - gothic churchyard chapel remains of the large church by the famous Roermond architect Pierre Cuypers, which was destroyed in the war. It is a national monument. Here, pause for a moment to reflect on the past. That also contributes to happiness. Small island of tranquility.

Geluksplek 23 Roerdalen: De Vissers van de Groene Bleek

6061 GC Roerdalen

Above and on the water: birds. In the water: fish. Next to the water: fishermen. You can sit on the picnic bench or at a fishing spot close to the water and reeds. Time not to move a bit. How do you feel? Like a fish in water or like a fish out of water? Remember, you have to make an effort for everything. Whoever sleeps does not catch fish. When was the last time you did something that made you a little happier? Looking at the water and not having to think about anything else.

Geluksplek 22 Roerdalen: de Gelukspijlers van de Fietsbrug

6077 ES Roerdalen

The bicycle bridge is literally the center of Roerdalen. Cycling makes people happy. Dutch young people are the happiest in the world. The bicycle is a good symbol of it. Nowhere in the world are there as many cycling youngsters as in the Netherlands. High 'self-steering ability' is a basic condition for happiness. This is based on three pillars: autonomy, competence and connectedness. This is the ideal place to reflect on these happiness pillars. Looking at the current, the water level and the color of the Rudder.

Geluksplek 12 Roerdalen: De Kapel van de Wijngaard

6075 NC Roerdalen

In 1948 the residents of the Wijngaardstraat built a chapel here out of gratitude that they had survived the war.

Geluksplek 21 Roerdalen: De Propeller van Herkenbosch

6075 DK Roerdalen

Two special places of happiness opposite each other. At the propeller there are grief, loss, struggle, commitment and sacrifice. It is a symbol of the six English planes that were shot down here during the Second World War. In addition, 27 young men were killed. Happiness is also about that: courage, freedom, respect and gratitude. This is a social neighborhood. The residents have their own neighborhood association: the Dr. Biermansput. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the well, the neighborhood built this Maria chapel in 1996. A peaceful place where you can empathize with victims of war and violence. The propeller of Herkenbosch is a war memorial and chapel that is located at the intersection of Molenbergweg / Steegstraat in Herkenbosch.

Geluksplek 20 Roerdalen: De Windroos van het Kasteel

Kasteel Daelenbroeck 2
6075 EZ Roerdalen

Daelenbroeck Castle was originally a residential and hunting lodge from the 14th century. It consists of an impressive Kasteellaan, original Voorburcht, Hoofdburcht and a Kasteelhoeve. During the Eighty Years' War, the castle was besieged in 1598. Then it fell into disrepair. Now it is back in full glory. A delegation even came to visit from Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness. You can feel the history and thoughts, you can see nobles and ladies walking.

Geluksplek 19 Roerdalen: De Koelen van Eeuwige Kracht

6075 ND Roerdalen

These ponds, the Turfkoelen, radiate peace and life. The holes (\\\ 'cooling') were created by digging peat. In swamps, dead plants form thick layers of peat after hundreds of years. If you let it dry, it forms a very suitable fuel. The Romans already knew that. Now the lakes are a paradise for rare plants and animals. Veenpluis symbolizes a cheerful, dynamic life. With a veil of morning mist, this is a place full of magic.

Geluksplek 13 Roerdalen: Het Panorama van Geluk

IJzeren Rijn 2a
6075 NE Roerdalen

Lookout tower on the wheelchair path in the Meinweg.

Geluksplek 14 Roerdalen: Het Rijk van de Elfen

6075 NA Roerdalen

For centuries residents used the Rolvennen as communal property. For herding livestock, cutting down trees, digging peat and mowing heather. This is how this varied landscape was created. Nowadays, it is mainly fortune seekers from near and far that find (a horizon) of peace. When the heather blooms you walk through a sea of purple beauty and the singing crickets give you a holiday feeling.

Geluksplek 15 Roerdalen: Het Paviljoen van het Bospark

6063 NP Roerdalen

The Bospark belonged to the former Franciscan college of Sint Ludwig. In 1990 the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi took up residence there. He is known for his contacts with The Beatles who learned Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi at the time. Since then, this has been the world headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation movement, with millions of adherents. Maharishi died in 2008. Here people from all over the world follow meditations and training. Behind 164 waving flags you can see the gold-colored wooden palace. When you walk around there it seems like you are in another world.

Geluksplek 16 Roerdalen: Het Knuppelpad van Sint Ludwig

6063 NP Roerdalen

The romantic club path across the marsh of the Red Brook. Crystal clear water and a red bottom full of iron. Do you see the water stream coming out of the ground and flowing into the stream? The stream forms the natural border between the Netherlands and Germany. A special plant also grows here, gale. In the past, this was used instead of hops for brewing beer. Gagelbier has recently become available again in Roerdalen. It is a wonderful forest to come with the whole family.

Geluksplek 17 Roerdalen: Het Rad van Fortuin

6063 NT Roerdalen

The Gitstappermolen has a large wheel, the wheel of luck. The water and Lady Fortuna keep this wheel of luck spinning all day long. From windfall to setback. This water mill has great value. It was built in the 14th century along the Rode Beek, one of the cleanest brooks in the Netherlands. The land border runs through the middle of the stream.

Geluksplek 24 Roerdalen: De Treurwilgen van de Kerkberg

6063 AA Roerdalen

From here you can clearly see how the large neo - Romanesque church is situated on a slope: a church mountain. A wooden church stood on the slope more than 1,000 years ago. The chapel in the valley stands under sky-high weeping willows and beeches. It was destroyed during the Second World War. But the neighborhood has rebuilt the chapel. This was done with a lot of craftsmanship and durable materials: a floor of natural stone, walls of fire stone, hard stone columns, a wrought iron fence and mouse teeth at the top of the side walls. Just sit on the bench and listen to the rustle of the trees

Geluksplek 25 Roerdalen: De Raad van Elf

6061 EG Roerdalen

The carnival monument of Posterholt is located near two benches: the Biemosjebaum. What could that word mean? Five of the six church villages of Roerdalen have such a carnival monument. Carnival is celebrated here for Lent in a way that is consistent with the Rhineland. Each carnival association has its own prince and a Council of Eleven. Eleven has traditionally been the number of fools and madmen. Happiness is never far away. Carnival stands for humor, freedom and fun.

Geluksplek 5 Roerdalen: De Aerdmannetjes van Kasteel Aerwinkel

6061 GT Roerdalen

This romantic 19th century castle (built in 1854 by architect Pierre Cuypers) is located in an English landscape garden. Some beeches, oaks and maples are 150 years old. It seems like the dream domain for good-natured and helpful Aerd males. With a little imagination you can see traces of it everywhere. After the gate, turn right into the forest (towards junction 38). Walk to the water and the bridges for a nice view of the castle. You get a real fairytale feeling with the beautiful nature and the turrets of the castle.

Geluksplek 4 Roerdalen: De Kathedraal van het Munnichsbos

6077 NK Roerdalen

The Cathedral is an ancient beech forest where the trees resemble the pillars of an imposing church. This impressive piece of nature can be found in the Munnichsbos or Monnikenbos. This is an ancient natural forest. A paradise for mosses, ferns, mushrooms, woodpeckers and squirrels. As if you hear the monks sing and you are a gnome in this giant forest. You can find the cathedral of trees where the road Roskam turns into a dirt road, the road from Sint Odili? Nberg to Waldfeucht.

Geluksplek 6 Roerdalen: Fluisteren in Bergerbos

6077 NK Roerdalen

It may sound strange to call a cemetery a place of happiness. But death is part of our life. Keeping the memory of our dead alive and seeking meaning contribute to a harmonious life. The Bergerbos is an open and natural place. More than 2,000 people are buried here. You can see their names to the right of the entrance on the basalt boulders around the memorial column. Together they form a map. That way you will find their grave in the forest near boulders or other natural elements. You can quietly walk, whisper and listen here. The only cemetery where you dare to smile for a moment.

Geluksplek 3 Roerdalen: De Goudschat van 't Sweeltje

6065 EX Roerdalen

Here an amateur archaeologist found a Roman treasure almost 2000 years old in 2009: 65 silver and 6 gold coins from the year 69 AD.

Geluksplek 1 Roerdalen: De Reigers van het Broek

6051 KM Roerdalen

From the lookout tower you have a beautiful view of the marsh and peat areas of the Reigersbroek.

Geluksplek 2 Roerdalen: De Stuifduinen van Rozendaal

6065 NE Roerdalen

This place is part of Landgoed Rozendaal.

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