Cycling through the Beemster and Schermer

Cycling in Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands

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47.2 km
02:46 h
832 kcal
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This route takes you through two old polders: the Droogmakerij Beemster and Droogmakerij Schermer. You will enjoy a beautiful landscape and old villages worth seeing.

The route starts at BRASA Beemster, an attractive restaurant in Middenbeemster. Enjoy something delicious here before cycling through the picturesque village of the Beemsterpolder. Here you understand what is meant by the statement 'God created the world, the Dutch made the Netherlands'. The Beemster is veined with ditches, canals and channels to regulate the water level. You can still see the old rectangular allotment pattern here. What a beautiful landscape!

You can also fully enjoy the wide grasslands in the Schermer. You pass the Ondermolen O, a polder mill from 1633. Poldermolen M dates from 1635. You pass through Noordeinde and Graft, two picturesque villages. And how about De Rijp with its old Zaan style houses? Further on, even more cultural history awaits, because you pass two forts from the Defense Line of Amsterdam: the Fort bij Spijkerboor and the Fort aan de Jisperweg.

Restaurant Windmill Fort

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# Description Distance
BRASA Beemster (Rijperweg, 1462 MD, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
6 (Rijperweg, 1462NL, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.13 km
7 (1462HE, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 2.01 km
Molen De Nachtegaal (1462 LJ, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 2.23 km
7 (1462HE, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 2.44 km
29 (Westdijk, 1636XA, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 7.47 km

Place name directory

  • Beemster, North Holland
  • Alkmaar, North Holland
  • Koggenland, North Holland
  • Wormerland, North Holland
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