Small round of Stappersven

Essen, Flanders, Belgium

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Provided by: Ivan, Antwerpen

7.1 km
01:46 h
402 kcal
27 m


The walk leads you through the natural beauty of the Nolse Duinen and the Stappersven on well-walkable roads. Enjoy the exceptional scenery! You first walk through the woods and pass the'Boswaschterhuisje\\\' and't Sluiske. Then you will see a beautiful heath landscape emerge around the Stappersven. Perhaps you will see the Hershford cattle of our neighbor Luc van Wezel grazing. You will also witness the Helvex project in which the Nolse Duin is being restored to its full glory!
The route follows the walking node network via the following points:
Leave T&T at the back of the car park through the iron gate. Cross the asphalt road to the Bundweg. There follow direction junction 63.
Then: junctions 70 - 64 - 66. At junction 66 Schakelsstraat turn right into the Achterstehoevestraat. Behind the large farm on the left side, turn left into the Kouwaaipad (\\\'Koude Heidepad\\\'). One of the many'Slow roads\\\' in Essen.
Back on the paved road, turn right a little further on the Huybergsebaan until you reach T&T again.
Enjoy your walk, lunch and the unique landscape and come back for one of the other walks around Taverne & Tennis T&T!
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# Description Distance
Taverne & Tennis Essen (2910, Essen, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
Taverne & Tennis Essen (2910, Essen, Flanders, Belgium) 7.08 km


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