Loonse Drunense Duinen and the Essche Stroom

Vught - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 637475

Provided by: TopParken

1780 77
42.09 km
741 kcal
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Your cycling route starts at TopParken - Résidence de Leuvert. This route takes you through forests and the Dommeldal, past castles and an old fortress. In the old village center of Helvoirt you can experience the atmosphere of a bygone era. You pass the town hall from 1700, past a fifteenth-century church and Huis Jagtlust, a country estate from 1781. You can also taste the characteristic atmosphere of a Brabant village in Esch. Just above Halder you have a magnificent view over the Dommel and Nieuw-Herlaer, an ancient castle on the other side. Landgoed Haanwijk consists of a country house and old farms, stately trees and historic dikes. Fort Isabella is a fortification that originally dates back to 1618. The seventeenth-century Zwijnsbergen Castle is the last sight on your route.



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