Tour of Utrecht

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht
  • 35.18 km (Approximately 02:04 u)
  • Cycling route 636632

Tour of Utrecht

  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht
  • 35.18 km (Approximately 02:04 u)
  • Cycling route 636632
Route along various Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie forts around Utrecht.
Length approx 34 km.
Some forts are not public or can only be visited by appointment.
Start and end point at Kromme Rijn Swimming Pool, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 1, 3584AD Utrecht (free parking).
Various catering points on the route.
Fort Rhijnauwen - Fort bij Vechten also Waterline Museum - Fort't Hemeltje - Fort Lunet IV - Fort Lunet I - Fort Hoofddijk - Fort de Bilt - Fort Blauwkapel - Fort Ruigenhoek - Fort aan de Klop.
For information about the forts see


# Description Distance
3584AC, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands 0.00 km
Fort Vechten (Achterdijk, 3981 HE, Bunnik, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.86 km
Fort 't Hemeltje (Fort bij 't Hemeltje, 3992LX, Houten, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 7.24 km
Fort Blauwkapel (3566MP, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 21.32 km
Fort Ruigenhoek (Fort op de Ruigenhoeksedijk (NHW), 3737MS, De Bilt, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 23.78 km
Fort aan de Klop (Fort aan de Klop (NHW), 3554TA, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 27.91 km


Fort Vechten

Achterdijk 2
3981 HE Bunnik

Vechten's task was to seal off the Houtensevlakte and to cover the Arnhem-Utrecht railway line. The fort is a cross of the polygonal and bastioned system (hybrid system). The site covers 17 hectares and is the largest fort of the New Dutch Water Line after Rijnauwen.

Fort Blauwkapel

3566MP Utrecht

The current fort was built on the site of old fortifications from the 18th century and dates from 1818-1821. Fort Blauwkapel was built around an existing village.

Fort Ruigenhoek

Fort op de Ruigenhoeksedijk (NHW)
3737MS De Bilt

Fort Ruigenhoek was used in the years 1869-1870 to close off the Ruigenhoekse Dijk and to defend the retaining quay between two inundation basins.

Fort aan de Klop

Fort aan de Klop (NHW)
3554TA Utrecht

The fort was built on a special (strategic) location for the defense of the city of Utrecht in earlier times. In 1629, an earthen fortification was built on this location, situated in the current district of Overvecht, to prevent attacks from the Spaniards.

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