Cycling route South Limburg - 75 years of liberation route

Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands

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Limburg was the first to be liberated in the Netherlands during the Second World War, but that does not mean that you cannot commemorate the war in this part of the country. The war has also left its mark here. This bike tour takes you past a number of impressive places in South Limburg that are related to war and liberation.

Explore the Limburg hills
In this area you can enjoy the beautiful green hills for which South Limburg is known. Sometimes it's quite a climb on your two-wheeler, but the views you get in return are absolutely worth it.

From Margraten you first cycle south past Banholt, Mheer and Noorbeek. The route takes you through the beautiful Belgian Voeren, after which you end up in the southernmost village in the Netherlands: Mesch. From here you cycle along the impressive Heuvelland back to Margraten, where you start the north loop towards Schimmert, Valkenburg, Genhout, Spaubeek, Neerbeek, Beek. Finally, you cycle back via Genhout and Hulsberg towards Valkenburg, after which the route takes you back to the starting point in Margraten.

White crosses as far as you can see
The starting point of the route is the American cemetery in Margraten.
More than 8,000 soldiers found their final resting place here after they died in the war. The seemingly endless rows of white crosses are extremely impressive to see. Take the time to look around here at your leisure and absorb all the impressions.

Mesch: the first liberated village in the Netherlands
The route then takes you to the area south of Margraten. You cycle a bit through Belgium and through the southernmost village in the Netherlands: Mesch. This picturesque church village was the first to be liberated during the Second World War. In addition, some people will recognize the church and the surrounding area of Mesch from the well-known TV series 'Diary of a Shepherd Dog'. The St. Pancratius Church is partly 9th century and the oldest stone building in the Netherlands.

Become an eyewitness to the war
In Beek you will find the Eyewitness Beek War Museum. In this museum you become an eyewitness to the Second World War through lifelike dioramas with films, photos and sound effects. All kinds of wartime attributes are also exhibited here. A real must-see if you want to learn more about this part of history.

You can park and start at Amerikaplein in Margraten.

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Node list: 70-71-82-81-430-431-100-80-72-71-70-67-68-60-40-61-63-20-21-22-12-37-114-113- 22-13-98-95-94-62-35-90-56-36-59-39-60-68-69-70

You can also choose to divide the route into two day trips, namely the long north loop of approximately 63 kilometers and the shorter south loop of approximately 31 kilometers.

Node list of the long north loop: 70-67-68-60-40-61-63-20-21-22-12-37-114-113-22-13-98-95-94-62-35- 90-56-36-59-39-60-68-69-70

Node list of the short south loop:70-71-82-81-430-431-100-80-72-71-70

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Visit Zuid-Limburg

What do you think of when you think of South Limburg? The green hills that are so typical of this area, of course. But South Limburg has a lot more to offer you. Discover it for yourself!


# Description Distance
Amerikaanse Begraafplaats (John D. Aaron, 6269 NA, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
70 (Pastoor Brouwersstraat, 6269BP, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.79 km
71 (6269NB, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 3.52 km
82 (6262NM, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 5.93 km
81 (6261NA, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg, The Netherlands) 7.54 km
430 (3790, Voeren, Flanders, Belgium) 11.73 km


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