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Hiking in Berlare, Flanders, Belgium

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Close to Berlare in Belgium, you can take a walk on the left bank of the Scheldt. You will find a varied and low-lying cultural landscape here, one of the few open areas in Flanders. On this route you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Scheldt water
Until the early 1970s, the meadows along the Scheldt were irrigated every winter with Scheldt water. At high tide, the water was let in, at low tide it was drained. For example, the meadows were fertilized naturally with river sludge. While walking, you can still see the original small-scale patchwork of hay meadows and ditches in many places. Like in the Aubroek near the tavern Het Veerhuis.

Flowery meadows
You also walk along meadows, fields and of course along the Scheldt. From the dike you can see small forests, reed beds and beautiful views. In spring marshmallows, real cuckoo flowers and Whitsunflowers color the meadows yellow, pink and white. A beautiful scene to see, but it is also beautiful here in the other seasons. You can also spot birds in this area, such as the black-tailed godwit, the shoveler and the stonechat. There are hardly any cars here, so you can enjoy the natural beauty in peace.

Nature reserve-OLD
Plan Bier

Take a trip through the beautiful nature reserves of East Flanders and then immediately plan a break at one of the many breweries that you will encounter here. Plan Bier takes you along the nicest breweries and regional beer cafes in the region of 's Waasland, Scheldeland and the Flemish Ardennes. That will be enjoyable!

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# Description Distance
Zele, 9200, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium 0.00 km
Scheldebroeken (Waterhoek, 9290, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium) 0.40 km
62 (Waterhoek, 9290, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium) 0.45 km
63 (Dambeek, 940, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium) 1.42 km
39 (9290, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium) 1.78 km
37 (Heirweg, 9290, Berlare, Flanders, Belgium) 3.52 km

Place name directory

  • Berlare, Flanders
  • Zele, Flanders
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