Explore Vlieland on foot

  • The Netherlands
  • Friesland
  • Vlieland
  • 7.95 km (Approximately 01:59 u)
  • Hiking route 429382

Explore Vlieland on foot

  • The Netherlands
  • Friesland
  • Vlieland
  • 7.95 km (Approximately 01:59 u)
  • Hiking route 429382
Vlieland is the smallest island of all the Wadden Islands. You can therefore easily explore a large part of the island on foot. This route takes you through the dunes and forests of Vlieland and you get to know the only village of Vlieland.

Reviving old times in East Vlieland
You start your walk in East Vlieland. This is the main town of the island and that is not surprising. There are no buildings on the rest of the island. Long ago there was a second village on Vlieland called West-Vlieland, but that village was inundated by the sea in 1736. In Oost-Vlieland you will find numerous monumental buildings and houses that take you back to times long gone. The rest of the island consists of extensive beaches, forests, salt marshes, dunes, fens and mudflats. Peace and space can be found almost everywhere on Vlieland and you will also encounter birds everywhere.

Bakery Western
The start and end point of this walking route is at Bakkerij Westers. Pop in here for tasty sandwiches or pastries to take with you on the road or settle down at the end of your walk in the accompanying Konditorei for a sweet treat. From here you can also follow route 429384.

Paradise for birds
At the beginning of the last century, drifting dunes were built on Vlieland to better protect the land against the sea. This created the Kroon\\\'s polders, a particularly bird-rich area. You are not allowed to enter this area on your own, but you can take an excursion through the area. A few meters away you can spot avocets, spoonbills, oystercatchers and all kinds of other birds.


# Description Distance
Bakkerij Westers (Dorpsstraat, 8899 AL, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
66 (Havenweg, 8899BB, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 0.46 km
65 (8899CB, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 1.85 km
68 (8899CC, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 2.57 km
67 (8899CC, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 2.89 km
Bakkerij Westers (Dorpsstraat, 8899 AL, Vlieland, Friesland, The Netherlands) 7.95 km

Pause places

Bakkerij Westers

Dorpsstraat 98-100
8899 AL Vlieland

Westers Bakery is a special place on Vlieland. It is the only traditional bakery on the Wadden Island of Vlieland. Get delicious fresh sandwiches and pastries here or a well-filled picnic bag to take with you during a bike ride or a walk and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful nature of Ameland. Do you like a cup of coffee or tea with your piece of cake or sandwich? Then settle down in the cozy Konditorei of the bakery. Take a break from all the activity and enjoy a delicious snack and drink in the meantime. Especially the Vlieland specialties from Bakkerij Westers are recommended. Choose a Vlielands thumb, a Vlielands cranberry biscuit, a Vlieduntje, juthout or Vlielands sugar bread and get to know the flavors of Vlieland. That's fun! Also don't forget to stock up on some of that goodies for home. Then you can enjoy your day out on Vlieland.


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